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10 Most Wanted Video Games of 2010

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Officially bigger than the drugs and prostitution industries combined, yet still held in lower regard than either by society at large, what will 2010 hold for the video games industry?

I haven’t got an answer to that. I just thought it was a nice intro. What I do have, however, is the top 10 most wanted video games of next year (in order of most wantedness)…


10. Alan Wake
Format: Xbox 360
Release date: Late March
Alan Wake puts players in control of a writer with a penchant for suit jacket/hoodie combos and torches (that’s flashlights for the US readers out there) who finds himself embroiled in a supernatural mystery that follows the plot of a novel that he cannot remember writing.

Aside from the impressive graphics and promising setup, the most intriguing prospect of Alan Wake lies in the developer’s adoption of a TV series-style structure, replete with an episodic narrative and plot recaps – which sounds like a better fit for the video game format than the usual blockbuster movie template that developers awkwardly stretch out over 10 hours worth of gameplay.

And did I mention that one of the game’s main television influences is Twin Peaks? Fingers crossed for backward-talking dwarves.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Format: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: 5th March (EU) / 2nd March (US)
The next Battlefield incarnation looks to be a slick escalation of the much-loved warfare series. With another full-length single player campaign featuring the amusingly slapdash Bad Company squad, an enhanced physics destruction engine and a robust online multiplayer pitched somewhere between Modern Warfare 2’s bombastic twitchiness and Operation Flashpoint’s mil-sim po-facedness, it looks like this could be the first FPS of the decade to satisfy those semi-mythical, diametrically opposed demographics of the gaming world – the “hardcore” and “casual” camps.

Let’s just hope, for everyone’s sake, that the servers work better than they did for the Battlefield 1943 launch.


8. Gran Turismo 5
Format: PlayStation 3
Release date: TBA (EU) / 31st March (US)
Due to the legendary perfectionism of Kazunori Yamauchi, racing fans have had a rather long wait for the latest instalment of his beloved car fetishist franchise.

Announced way back in 2006, the arduous $60m development (go compare that with the games on our most expensive video games ever list) has witnessed many postponements, rumours and setbacks. However, further delays notwithstanding, PS3 owners will soon get their hands on GT5’s 1000 meticulously recreated vehicles, lovingly rendered in pixel-perfect HD with full damage modelling.

After recent stiff competition from Forza Motorsport 3, it better be worth the wait…


7. God of War 3
Format: PlayStation 3
Release date: 26th March (EU) / 31st March (US)
There’s a number of epically-flavoured hack ‘n’ slash titles slated for release in 2010 such as Darksiders and Dante’s Inferno. But while these are shaping up quite nicely, the impending return of Kratos, everyone’s favourite deity-slapping badass, makes their existence seem comparatively insignificant.

The first two God of War games were crowning achievements for the PS2 and created such a joyous spectacle of action that the bar has been set extremely high for the current-gen sequel. Early reports and the recent demo, however, suggests that the scale of the action has increased in proportion with the PS3’s technology and Sony Santa Monica, the franchise developer, have not lost their talent for jaw-dropping set pieces.


6. Heavy Rain
Format: PlayStation 3
Release date: February
David Cage, CEO of developer Quantic Dream, has always tried to push the boundaries of the video game medium to deliver unique experiences, and Heavy Rain is by far his most ambitious project yet. Weaving together the experiences of four characters on the hunt for a serial killer, the game employs innovative (i.e. bizarre) contextual controls and an immersive narrative full of weighty moral choices to create a meaningful and emotional experience for players.

It’s a bold experiment for such a big-budget commercial game but, if successful, it could represent a significant step forwards in the medium’s evolution from mere children’s toy into respected art form.

Those of less lofty concerns will be pleased to know that Heavy Rain also features the most awesome HD boobs yet seen in a video game. Obviously, their existence is justified by a sophisticated narrative context. And the fact that they can be jiggled about via the Sixaxis controller.


5. Mass Effect 2
Format: PC, Xbox 360
Release date: 26th January (US)/ 29th January (EU)
As well as injecting a welcome dose of action into the RPG genre, the first Mass Effect gave us a huge universe to explore that was as slickly presented as a Hollywood blockbuster and filled with as much intergalactic intrigue as the weightiest of literary science fiction tomes.

Picking up the story some 2 years after the events of the original, Mass Effect 2 sees Commander Shepherd and Co investigating the mysterious disappearance of human colonies throughout the galaxy. With an even grander narrative and some visceral tweaks to the combat mechanics, the sequel looks like it will follow its predecessor onto many a Game of the Year list. Let’s just hope that there have been some huge advances in elevator technology in the Mass Effect universe since we last visited.


4. Bioshock 2
Format: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: 9th February
Set in those parts of the underwater art-deco hellhole that we didn’t get to venture into on our initial trip, Bioshock 2 looks like it will feature more of the same weapon/plasmid-based combat and an inevitable moral tightrope to navigate.

The big difference this time, however, is that players will be controlling a fat bloke in a diving-suit with a food blender for an arm, a.k.a. the very first Big Daddy. With this leaving a substantial gap in the enemy roster, developer 2K Marin, clearly not wanting to upset their winning formula too much, have introduced the Big Sisters (pictured above) – adversaries of a similar nature to the Big Daddies, but a bit more acrobatic.

Will Bioshock 2 manage to top the dazzling narrative twists of its prequel? Will the Big Sisters prove as memorable as the iconic Big Daddies? And will the ending be less disappointing? We’ll find out in a couple of months.


3. The Last Guardian
Format: PlayStation 3
Release date: TBC
If ever a game looks like its going to get humped to death by the critics next year then surely The Last Guardian is it. The follow-up to Team Ico’s much-lauded Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, is a thinking-person’s adventure game based around the burgeoning friendship of a young boy and a huge griffin-like creature.

Fans of beautifully rendered universes and affectingly poignant storytelling should probably be excited. Fans of Nazi zombies should probably look for fun elsewhere.


2. Starcraft II
Format: PC, Mac
Release date: TBC
Last year’s most wanted video games post didn’t feature Starcraft II due to the well-documented fact that it wouldn’t be released until 2010. Nevertheless, an endless parade of “no StarCraft 2 = list fail” comments ensued.

12 months on, however, and it is sitting comfortably in the penultimate spot in all its long-awaited, real-time alien-battling glory. What will you ill-informed heathens complain is missing this time? (It better not be Diablo III either, because that looks like it’s been put back to next year’s list).


1. Crysis 2
Format: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: TBC
For those PC gamers with quantum computers from the 23rd century capable of running them adequately, the first Crysis games were not only jaw-dropping technical showcases for the graphical wonders of Crytek’s CryEngine 2 engine, but also damn good slices of sci-fi shooting action.

This sequel was always going to be big news, but what makes Crysis 2 a particularly exciting prospect for gaming in 2010 is that it introduces the new CryEngine 3 – a fancy new multi-platform engine which could, if all goes well, provide a practical alternative to the omnipresent Unreal 3 Engine which has powered so many games this generation.

PC gamers will get a fully-fledged sequel to a much-loved shooter, and console owners will finally see how far Crytek can push the current-gen systems – according to their humble CEO, it will be nothing less than a “technological breakthrough”…

Are your most wanted games of 2010 listed? Let us know in the comments thread below.


  • correct me if im wrong, but i’ve already played crysis 2 (warhead)

    did i go into the future or something?

  • No, you played the stand-alone expansion pack. It’s a parallel story to that of Crysis.
    Crysis has been announced to be a trilogy (so Crysis 2 and 3 left) with who knows how many expansions in between.

  • So where are the new Final Fantasy games on this list? Or the new Silent Hill game? Or Dante’s Inferno? Or Fable III? Or the new Metal Gear Solid? Half of theses games I would not be interested in, and some don’t even sound familiar. I’ll stick with the pros to list the REAL top 10s.

  • will love to play Battlefield game , waiting for it

  • Pity some of those PS3 games won’t be available on 360. they really look good. but then again, some of the 360 games look good too. thanks. nice post. will be keeping my eyes open for these.

  • Good list but no Mafia II?

  • Is this the most wanted list for the US??

    Cuz I’m pretty sure that the Final Fantasy XIII series is very high up there when you’re talking international standard.

  • I’m VERY dissapointed that Mass Effect 2 will not be released for the PS3. To this day, that game is still my favorite. I played it non-stop before my 3rd 360 Red lighted me and I gave up and bought a PS3..
    Other than that, beautiful list! Thanks :)

  • hahaha, a most wanted list without FFXIII? That’s absurd. FFXII will outsell every game on that list, except starcraft 2, and maybe Gran Turismo will match it.

    Mark my words and come back to this post later

  • honestly man, as a die hard fan of Final Fantasy; I have to say the franchise has gone down hill.

    FF1,2,3,7!,8,10 all awesome.

    Every game after sucked donkey balls though.

    I’m holding my breath for Final Fantasy 13, 12 was atrocious; so was 11 for that matter.

  • You forgot Super Street Fighter IV.

  • Splinter cell Conviction
    Deus Ex 3
    Hitman 5
    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    Dead Space 2
    Kane and Lynch: Dog Days
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Assassins Creed 2 : 2 DLC packs
    Metro 2033
    Thats in no particular order, and for those that enjoy the violent games, like myself:D

  • LOL at MAC

    I suppose if you build a list, you attract the twats…

    It’s the online version of ‘Field Of Dreams’.

  • @Dave

    The only mac game he listed was SCII. Do you really want to argue that Starcraft 2 should not be on this list?

    Speaking of SCII, here’s the obligatory “why isn’t it #1 on the list?”

  • What about Diablo III?

  • @elmizzt

    haha dave was talking about the dude MAC that commented earlier, not mac computers.

  • 2 words :D ante’s inferno….

  • I have waited for star craft 2 since the first one.And I’m defenetly going to buy this game…the same fore crysis because it is the best game I’ve played in years.Never played FF and I have to say I’m not intrested…but I’m suprised that HF third episode havent been mentioned.

  • You stupid fuck anon.. dont kno the difference between an expansion and a sequel… stop playing games and go fly kite!!

  • Wait, people actually want crysis 2 more than starcraft 2? Wasnt crysis just a benchmark, not a game?

  • You forgot Diablo 3

  • No diablo 3 = fail lol jk

  • I certainly WONT be responding to the ridiculous comment by “Ra”. I bet he’s a MAC owner. Fool.

    Interesting that 4 games on this most wanted list are exclusive to PS3 yet only one exclusive to Xbox 360′s.

    I like Xbox 360′s, but then I also like PS3′s. But which is better…

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  • The most wanted game of 2010 is Red Dead Redemption. I think Red Dead Redemption will win 2010 Game Of The Year!

  • crysis 2 over starcraft 2?

    you are a pretty big fucking tool

  • It seems that selling out for the “best” graphics has a trend of poor quality games that look pretty. If it looks nice but has no substance, it’s really not worth playing.

  • I Don’t thing that The Last Guardian should even be on the list. But thats just me. Anyway still a good list.

  • Super Street Fighter IV should be on this list

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