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The 10 Scariest Video Games Ever (Rated 18)

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By Rassam Fakour-Zaker
Know Your Money Editor

Ever since Haunted House appeared on the Magnavox Odyssey back in 1972, many video game developers have been refining their dark arts in order to create games of increasing complexity and sophistication with one aim: to scare the crap out of us. Recent major releases such as F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin and the imminent Resident Evil 5 suggest that their diabolical digital designs show no signs of abating.

So whether you’re a “lights off, headphones on, come get some-shouting” hard-as-nails type or more of the “hear-the-spooky-voice-on-the-title-screen-and-scream-until-the-police-arrive” variety, it’s time to grab a spare pair of pants and take a look at the top 10 scariest video games thus far (beware: contains mild spoilers and scary words…)

10. Doom 3 (PC/Xbox, 2004/2005)
Upon release Doom 3 was criticised for its cheap scares. Which is well-justified considering its limited MO hinges almost entirely on hellish creatures jumping out at you from dark places. Nevertheless, the crude and repetitive scare tactics can’t detract from the creeping sense of claustrophobia and uneasiness emanating thoughout the game’s poorly-lit environments.

Crap your pants moment: Don’t know about you, but whenever I’m walking down a dark corridor in a demon-filled Martian base and a woman’s voice whispers: “they took my baby”… and then everything goes red… and then I hear a baby squealing in the distance, I tend to feel a little uneasy. Maybe it’s just me.

9. Dead Space (PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360, 2008)
Much like the Necromorphs that try to eat your face throughout the game, Dead Space resembles a reanimated corpse fashioned from the butchered parts of 20-odd years of sci-fi/horror movies (particularly Event Horizon) and video games (particularly System Shock). Having stolen the best parts, however, its lack of originality becomes rather easy to overlook.

Set aboard a massive spaceship filled with the aforementioned monsters and innumerable flickering light bulbs, Dead Space employs some wonderfully-immersive gameplay features (HUD-less view, real-time user interface), tense atmosphere and superb audio-visual elements to provide plenty of well-choreographed jumps.

Crap your pants moment: Dead Space’s somewhat repetitious use of scare tactics means that it is difficult to pick one defining scary moment. However, the game’s atmosphere is so well-realised that even innocuous sounds – such as the brief static blip that precedes incoming communications from your crew members – can give you a fright.

8. Sanitarium (PC, 1998)
Taking place in an insane asylum filled with wall-butting patients, Sanitarium puts you in the role of an amnesiac who must discover the truth about his identity and incarceration. Despite the clichéd premise, the mysteries of this little-known but much-loved “Point and Click” adventure unravel into a rich psychological horror experience that flits between the ominous gothic asylum, bleak flashbacks from the protagonist’s past and the nightmarish Freudian delusions of his troubled psyche.

Crap your pants moment: OK, not likely to make you soil yourself, but the second level – “Innocent Abandoned” – is probably the most unsettling. Set in a town peopled entirely by weird, deformed children a strange backstory is gradually revealed – little girl with no eyes: “Everything was fine… until Mother arrived”.

7. F.E.A.R. (PC/Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, 2005/2006/2007)
By plonking a Japanese horror-inspired malevolent little dead girl into an otherwise standard first-person shooter, F.E.A.R. managed to elicit some fairly effective scares. Alma, the girl in question, is central to the game’s plot and gameplay, popping up now and then to shit you up; and it is her menacing presence that gives the game a pleasingly dark and foreboding atmosphere.

Crap your pants moment: Has to be Alma suddenly appearing over you as you climb down a ladder, then as your heart rate recovers you’re treated to another startling apparition as you reach the bottom. Two scares for the price of one.

6. Siren: Blood Curse (PlayStation 3, 2008)
Originally released in 12 downloadable episodes, the grim and gritty Siren: Blood Curse is easily the scariest PS3 exclusive. The plot sees you take control of several different characters trapped in a zombie-infested Japanese village. With an emphasis on avoidance over confrontation much of the game is spent hiding, running and sneaking around the beautifully-realised and highly atmospheric village. The paucity of weapons creates a real feeling of vulnerability resulting in periods of nail-biting tension as you attempt to elude the undead creatures.

Crap your pants moment: The third, almost unbearably tense chapter which puts you in control of a young girl trapped in an abandoned hospital full of undead nurses with just a torch to aid your escape.

5. Resident Evil (PlayStation, 1996)
Resident Evil, the daddy of survival-horror, pioneered many of the genre’s dubious staple features including dodgy camera angles, awkward controls, puzzle-based progression, fiddly inventory management and shite movie spin-offs. Combine this with the idiosyncratic stop-and-shoot aiming system, terrible dialogue (“Here, take this lock pick. I’m sure that you, the master of unlocking, will make use of it”) and god-awful acting and it all sounds a bit rubbish. But despite – or, in some cases, because of – these features, RE was a truly nail-biting, captivating and entertaining experience.

Crap your pants moment: There’s only one real contender: those bastard dogs jumping through the window. One of the defining moments of the Resident Evil series and the survival-horror genre as a whole.

4. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube, 2002)
Eternal Darkness took those Resident Evil-esque elements (dodgy fixed camera, inventory-juggling etc) and added a unique and inventive gameplay system, a Sanity Metre, that measured the protagonists state of mind and altered play accordingly.

As your character(s) encounter the game’s monstrous apparitions, their growing insanity manifests itself in a number of ingenious ways. Bleeding walls and hallucinated enemies may be fairly tame, but some of the more devious insanity effects have you questioning your own actions and even the condition of your TV, giving the horror a more psychological flavour. Nintendo liked the system so much they actually patented video game insanity. Nutters.

Crap you pants moment: When a seemingly innocent, empty bathtub offers a sudden gory vision.

3. Project Zero/Fatal Frame (US) (PlayStation 2/Xbox, 2001)
Taking its visual cues from Japanese horror films, a story from Japanese folklore and the setting from an – ahem“actual haunted house”, the first of the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series combined effective grainy visuals with a grisly and chilling plot to create a genuinely creepy experience.

Putting you in the sensible shoes of a young schoolgirl (it’s Japanese horror – what did you expect?) searching for her brother in the haunted Himuro mansion, your sole weapon is… a battered old camera – an odd choice maybe, but it’s as good as Proton Pack when it comes to offing ghosts.

Crap your pants moment: The room with the dolls is quite distressing. Especially for this guy.

2. Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360, 2005)
This impressive Xbox 360 launch title remains one of the platform’s most disturbing games. Eschewing the usual supernatural twaddle which inundates the genre (and ballsed-up the sequel), Condemned opts for a more realistic setting, with players battling inexplicably-homicidal vagrants while on the trail of a serial killer.

While it may be considered something of a PR disaster for the homeless, the guttural, visceral combat – usually of the hand-to-hand or rusty-pipe-to-face variety – and tense, unnerving exploration of various wretched and gloomy environments make it a genuinely unsettling treat for horror fans.

Crap your pants moment: Out of countless potential candidates, the most unnerving moment must go to the pediophobia-inducing abandoned shopping mall level in which the mannequins have a disconcerting tendency to follow you when your back is turned (which can be seen here). Enough to put you off shopping centres for life.

1. Silent Hill 2 (PlayStation 2, 2001)
Like Resident Evil, Silent Hill has had its share of duff sequels and pointless movie spin-offs (only one so far, thankfully); but it’s fair to say that the first three titles in the series make most others on this list look about as scary as your average Wii game. However, due to its unrelentingly tense and oppressive atmosphere and compelling narrative Silent Hill 2 has the edge over the others in the pant-soiling department. Oh, and because of one other significant factor…

Crap your pants moment: Manifestation of the protagonist’s psychological torment or whatever, there is no scarier character in video game history than the iconic, pointy-faced S&M freak with an oversized sword and a penchant for unconsensual monster-shagging known, imaginatively, as Pyramid Head.

To give the uninitiated an understanding of how pant-wettingly frightening this character is all you need to do is imagine something evil and scary – then picture something worse raping it: that’ll be him.

Let us know your definitive pad-in-hand shit-in-pants moments (horror-game-related stories only please, none about dodgy curries and all-night Call of Duty sessions)…


  • You left out The Suffering! That game was scary start to finish. Walking silently through an abandoned, pitch black insane asylum with a flashlight, seeing glimpses of the residents’ last horrible moments.

    Crap your pants moment:
    Running through a dark, empty prison and setting off a metal detector… Then turning a couple hallways to hear the metal detectors chime behind you as your silent predators close in.

  • Has No one played though Theif: Deadly Shadows?

    The Asylum level Is the Scarcest level In ANY game

    I think you will have to Reorganize your list.

  • Any game featuring face huggers does nicely, IMO, like Blood and Alien vs Predator. 8-O

  • These are scary games. Wish they could be movies.

  • WEAK list, no System Shock 2? No Alone in the Dark (traditional ones)? Play some REAL games next time before spewing out a list.

  • right on, i was hoping you would put silent hill 2 as number one, nice list. well done.

  • What about Alien vs. Predator 2? The human campain is as scary as hell!

  • silent hill 2 > fatal frame ? the list sucks sorry to say :P year i know it’s your list and all that other personal opinion crap but silent hill is just lame survival horror. its scary because you dont have a shotgun and blast zombies all day long. but fatal frame is on another level entirely. did you even play the game through? if so tell me if you REALY can stand walking through that rope corridor. or if you try to evade it whenever possible. think about it.

  • Resident Evil Used to scare the daylights out of me !

  • I AGREE!!!!! I still have bad flashbacks from at least of those games!!!!!!

  • 1. Silent Hill
    2. Resident Evil 2
    3. Doom 3

    Fear wasn’t that scary, it was too fps, Condemned was okay but doesn’t make it on my list.

  • No System Shock 2? List disqualified.

  • What about Sinistar? That giant floating head was scary as hell as a little kid.

    Run coward

  • you missed fatal frame. should of been first.

  • Did you concider AvP 1 and 2?

  • Ummm… how can you have this list and not include the Fatal Frame series? Those games will make you sleep with the light on.

  • duckhunt is fun

  • I disagree with the SH2 nod. SH1 was much creepier than its predecessor. It had all kinds of shit your pants moments, most notably the start of the game when you get attacked by faceless dwarfs wielding knives.

  • Deadspace was not scary at all and neither was doom 3 i can’t say for the others because I never played them but the first 2 are horrible choices

  • Silent Hill 2?! Dude, no. The second one was child’s play. The first one though, HOooooooollyyyy shit. talk about crap your pants. God help me and my bedsheets if the phone ever rang while I was playing that game.

  • I’m a complete pussy. I can’t play these games at all. I don’t relish being scared, and freak out even if I get tricked into watching a screamer on youtube (That maze trick? I was jumpy for a week afterward!)

    But I can watch them if they’re not me playing them. I get waaay too immersed into games, so the zombies/monsters/scary noises etc feel like they’re actually happening to me if I play them. But the stories can be wonderful, so I’ll watch other people get maimed ;)

    God, you wouldn’t think I was 23 and been gaming ever since I could click a mouse. I need to grow a pair methinks. Oh wait, does being a girl excuse me for being a wimp? Or does the whole equality apply here too?

  • Most of these games aren’t THAT scary tbh. Creepy in places but nothing has shit me up like this game has:

    One section in particular freaked me the fuck out for ages.

  • No. Just no. FEAR and Doom 3 don’t belong anywhere near this list. Do some research next time.

  • I’m surprised System Shock 2 wasn’t on this list. I’ve played Doom 3, and the shock factor of stuff jumping out at you wears off after the first third of the game.

    System Shock 2 really got me in the psychological department, what with the constant disembodied voices saying that “The Many has decided you must be removed for the good of all.” Also(for those that know what I’m talking about) the entire hydroponics deck was a nightmare complete with psychic lab monkeys and cyborg caretakers without faces.

  • You gotta go back to roots, when atmosphere was manipulated by minds wielding bare text. Zork II, the topiary garden.

  • No mention of System Shock 2?
    You disgust me.

  • great list, but I have to say that Bioshock deserves an honorable mention, if not a spot on the top ten. It incorporates all that “Fear” creepy little girl horror with some of the most suspenseful and disturbingly grotesque cut scenes and fighting sequences I’ve ever played through. Very intense, if i do say so myself. Keep up the good work

  • hmm doom 3 wasnt scary at all , and condemmed 1?Blood shot was WAY scarier and in all ways superior

    my opinion at least

  • Was the author not born before the year 2000? Ok, there are a few games before 2000 (Sanitarium, Resident Evil), but cmon, scary video games existed back then too! Doom I? Half Life I ? Sure by today’s standards they aren’t scary, but for their time hell yes!

  • Easily number 1:
    The Piano from Super Mario 64.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Props for including eternal darkness, many forget about it because its pretty rare and is gamecube exclusive. I needed a new pair of pants after the bathroom scene…

  • No System Shock 2?
    You must die.

  • Doesn’t Painkiller need to be on there somewhere? As well as being a great shoot-em(everything)-up, it also features excellent scare-peed-my-pants-there moments throughout the different episodes.

    And I’m not even talking about the sequals like Overdose yet..

    Everyone should keep adding comments about other games that employ scare tactics! I love games that screw with my mind, and scare the shit out of me.

    Great list!

  • While I never played it and only caught it years after by way of YouTube clips, you forgot Harvester! It was terribly grim and so twisted. Some would consider Phantasmagoria (and its sequel) to be up there — hindsight makes the special effects seem cheap, but if you ever experienced it in a dark room and really got “in the mood”, it was an awkward chiller, and the last thing I expected from King’s Quest auteur Roberta Williams.

  • The original “Thief – The Dark Project” had the scariest level I have ever played – Anyone who has played the Cathedral level knows what I’m talking about….

  • Weak list. Most of the games on here aren’t scary at all.
    Just because the game is “supposed” to be frightening doesn’t mean it actually is.

  • i would put painkiller series on this list, it’s not so much any certain moments in the games but the entire atmosphere of these games are utterly creepy.

  • clocktower man for playstation dude! just not sure what year

  • Good or bad list, mainly depending on your definition of “scary”. Any tense FPS should have a few “jump out at you” moments, but games that actually cultivate creepiness and horror are very few. Thanks for putting Silent Hill 2 at the top, the game’s eerie atmosphere is unlike any other and stays with you long after the console is turned off. SH 1, 3, and parts of 4 are also disturbing and uniquely spooky. I agree with comments about Fatal Frame (1 and 2), both games are profoundly creepy but also full of ‘cheaper’ scares. The Suffering had just as many scary moments as most of the games on this list. Though rare & obscure (and a little hard to play!), Rule of Rose (PS2) was extremely disturbing and eerie. And The Thing (Xbox) was seriously underrated, both as a movie game and a scary experience.

  • Um, for those of you that say they forgot Fatal Frame, look a #3.

    Fucking morons!

  • what about echo night

  • Silent Hill 3 had a moment that I think is comparable or maybe even scarier than Pyramid Head. It was in one of the last areas – the entire game built up, (spoiler) your father died and you are beginning to understand what your purpose is in the game. Then you walk into a room with nothing but a tub and a mirror covering one wall. As you walk towards the mirror, you hear the door lock, and some strange black stuff drips into the tub.

    Well, if you haven’t done it, check it out: – this part was pants shitting. And to make it even scarier, it serves no purpose in the game, it just creates more bizarre, scary atmosphere.

    The haunted tourist mansion was pretty scary too, in 3. Danny’s very friendly.

  • What about Undying??

  • A not-very-popular game which I found very creepy was Arx Fatalis. It’s an RPG, so the horror-scary element wasn’t very pronounced, but there were a few things that I found just…disturbingly creepy.

  • While Doom3 wasn’t the best game, it solidly deserves a place on this list just for the infant/bee hybrids–and the sounds they make, oh god, the screaming. That room with them was easily the most messed up/terrifying experience I’ve had in a game to date.

    But yes, disqualified for lack of System Shock 2.

  • good list i guess, needs ‘Half-life’ and ‘Encounter’ on 2600 made me shit myself

  • I like Turtles

  • bioshock anyone…. totally submersive

  • Really? Doom 3? I mean it was scary for a bit maybe but… eh. Eternal Darkness too? Creepy sure, but terrifying… naw not really. Like Jeremy said, your lack of any of the Alone in the Dark series or System Shock 2 makes this list about as useful as a greased baby launcher.

  • Morrowind should really be in there.

  • I was TOTALLY hoping Eternal Darkness would be on here! It’s one of my favorite games of all time.

  • My favorite shit my pants moment was silent hill one. Running around the creepy school with the pictures of that white thing on the walls everywhere, the moment when you get the shot gun was pretty scary, but the startling scare i got was when you walk into the one room, and the phone rings. Fucking awesome. too bad its not on the list.

  • I agree with most of this list. But Left 4 Dead is scary s*&t too. Its only fun though if you play with 2 or 3 people. But c’mon… Zombies… that can RUN?!?!?!? Tell me that’s not scary.

    Crap your pants moment: When that F(^&ing witch starts sobbing!

  • I’ve got to say, they’re a bit outdated now but for anyone who never got to try them thief 1&2 were excellent games.

  • Cake Mania!!! HELLO?!

  • I’m going to second that Silent Hill 1 “Zombie Toddler gang with butcher knifes” mention. Admittedly, I did not play Silent Hill 2, but when the “Lolly-Pop gang from hell” came at me with the butcher knives, I had to put down the controller and go spend some time in a well lit room.

  • I like the fact you put in sanitarium. I was beginning to think I was the only one creeped out by it.

  • Easily number 1:
    The Piano from Super Mario 64.
    ‘Nuff said.”

    ahahaha that thing made me scream and run out of the room!!!!!

  • Eternal Darkness, Condemned, F.E.A.R., Silent Hill, Sanitarium: Yes.

    Doom 3, Residint Evil: No. At least, not for me.

    And I strongly agree with everyone mentioning System Shock 2. The Monkeys. Oh my god those damn monkeys. It’s been almost ten years, but I’m still not entirely comfortable when I visit the zoo..

  • Agreed, silent hill made me scared, quite alot.

  • I personally think that haunting grounds was pretty creepy cause she would freak out and stuff… but what eve…. i dont know that many that have heard of that game…

  • The scariest games I’ve played are Aliens Vs. Predator 1 and 2. Bastard aliens jump out of no where!

    March 3rd, 2009 at 5:42 am

    Where the hell is Enemy Zero for the Saturn? That game was scary as hell.

  • 1213 is not on this list. This means that this list is wrong.

  • People don’t remember Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth for the Xbox and PC. That game had some atmosphere… the game Vampire The Masqurade Bloodlines for the PC also had some moments of sheer brick shittery

  • Um, not including System Shock 2 was a no-no, but there’s one more horror to the core that haven’t been mentioned: Clive Barker’s “Undying”.

  • I like this list, though I haven’t played most of the games on it. I’m very impressed to find Sanitarium up here though. I didn’t realize anyone else had ever even heard of it. The second chapter, which you mentioned, creeped me out so badly that I couldn’t touch the game for months (mind you I was barely a teen at the time). Great list!

  • No system shock 2! that game is just flat out fuckin scary, im also surprised that galerians isn’t on there. Though it is also not very well known, but definately fucked up

  • You guys are definately missing out on Vampire the Masquerade. Vampire -the Masquerade was not a horror or scary game as a premise it is actually a role-playing game with being a member of a modern vampiric society as it’s premise- however there is one ‘mission’ or act in the game that is exceptionally scary and without doubt trumps the scary moments i’ve enjoyed in any of the above- or any other game. The mission involves entering and exploring a haunted hotel in which you piece together the stories that are told to you by the deceased residents- these residents tell stories by making chandeliers break over you, by throwing cutlery from their draws around and exposing old letters, items, corpses and bloodstains- it’s such a scary mission it would have turned me- as i was eventually turned off of Doom3 for making me feel increasingly uncomfortable- but unlike doom3 every moment is exceptionally well produced and ultimately- more intriguing then scary that you delve deeper and are ultimately rewarded greatly.

    Vampire is a linear role playing game and thus the moments in the haunted manor are all paintsakingly scripted- the moments do lose their allure and the horror does dissipate- however you will never forget your first run through the haunted manor- i highly recommend people grab this game and play it whilst it still has not significantly dated even if just for the chills.

  • Strawberry Shortcake 2.0 was by far the scariest game! Being attacked by delicious looking muffins is horrifying!

  • Can anyone forget Half-Life 2? Being in parts of City 17 scares the crap outta me at times. You think there is no one around and then-bang comes a headcrab outta no where.

  • Nearly had to read all the comments to get it, but finally Chrissy mentioned the one I first thought of, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. It was let down by a lot of bugs and some obnoxious difficulty spikes, but oh my god it was scary. It also had an insanity mechanic – seeing dead bodies and otherworldly creatures would slowly drive your character insane, causing weird picture distortions, hallucinations, and phantom sounds, plus he would start muttering crazily to himself.

    Pity about the technical issues, but goddamn, what a scary game.

  • clive barker’s undying?

  • Bioshock should have made the list.

  • Missing two titles: Alien + Unreal 1

  • half life is def scary, gave me nightmares for a week

  • In my opinion, the main thing that makes a game scary is when you’re sat there playing on your own in the dark and you are actually hesitating as to whether to go on or not for fear of what might be around the corner. Not things that make you jump, but the anticipation of something that might make you jump. Its all about atmosphere.

    Essentials for this list: System Shock 2, Clive Barkers: Undying, Aliens v Predator, Resident Evil, STALKER

  • if you claim that Fatal Frame isnt scary, youve never played it…

  • Holy crap! There ARE other people that played Sanitarium! That game was so awesome and I definitely agree with you about the second level. Other random observations:

    Eternal Darkness was brilliant, I really wish they would make a sequel to that. Of course Nintendo owns the rights and they’ve parted ways with Silicon Knights so it’ll probably never happen but hey, I can dream.

    Left 4 Dead definitely deserves a spot on this list, if nothing else bump Doom 3 off and put it at #10 though I personally think it should be higher than that. Great creepy atmosphere and those witches… god I hate those witches.

    Another poster brought up Vampire: The Masquerade while I agree that the whole haunted mansion level is incredibly creepy the rest of the game is not at all. I have mixed feelings about Vampire – it’s a fun game but the combat controls are unforgivably clunky (especially for a game built on the Source engine). It would be nice to see a sequel because aside from that it’s a great game.

    I think the list overall is pretty good but the lack of System Shock 2 did leave me scratching my head.

  • Have you ever played Tomb Raider and arrived in a room too early and all the animals are frozen until you do something like step in a certain spot or turn your back and then suddenly get mauled by everything in the level? Scared the crap out of me the first time that happened.


  • Sorry, but this list really really needs to mention Sharebridge Cradle from Thief. I read a little about that level before I got there, making it ten times worse when it finally happened. I don’t think I slept that night. But walking out of the Cradle after finishing it, I felt like a total badass. Like Paul Walker at the end of training day when he’s walking out of the neighborhood.

  • Without a doubt, one of the scariest shared moments of horror in video games was while playing Condemned with a friend. Both of us were leaning close into the screen, watching as I followed a stain with the fluorescent light towards a balcony. At the balcony, an enemy surged up, screaming and trying to claw its way over. Both me and my friend catapulted backwards in our seats screaming. Probably a “you had to be there moment”, but we both freaked out.

  • K hands down the scariest video game of all time is the first silent hill for Playstation, the noises in that game was just messed. Also funniest horror game is probly clocktower 2 for playstation

  • I know these top 10 lists cant exactly please everyone, but I would have to say BioShock deserves a spot on this list. I have played through a number of these titles and few can hold a light to the unique immersive experience that BioShock provides. The premise of a deteriorating haunted utopian society with crack addicted residents at the bottom of the ocean is just pure genius. System Shock 2 also deserves a spot. Anyone who actually found Doom 3 or F.E.A.R scary will drop a deuce while playing BioShock.

  • HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANHUNT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Clive Barker’s Undying should reside on this list. First Silent Hill had far more scare factor than the second one. System Shock 2 is also a top 10 spooker.

  • Thank you for finally writing something about Eternal Darkness, a constantly frightening game, that scene you mentioned was a scary jump moment, but overall that game is just creepy, especially if you play through it all four times, by the end you’re walking around in public looking for an opportunity to throw down some spells and call lighting down on people.

  • I agree with Sean and quite a few others, Bio-Shock should have been on that list.

  • You need is some Area 51. Stuff pops out of nowhere.

  • Funny you should mention Pediophobia in the condemned article, wrote something on that recently as well.

    Good list, nice and diverse although it could go a little more indepth.

  • I just have to say I completely agree with Silent Hill 2 being the scariest game ever and the whole series can make you crap your pants. My crap my pants moment was in the very beginning of the SH2 when you are in the street for the first time, you hear the radio go off and see no enemies but when you walk by a van…BAM, a crazy crawling monster scurries out from under the vehicle and makes your heart jump right into your throat. Right then I knew that this game was going to be sick. The mind games the psychologists who helped develop SH2 play on you makes deserve the top of this list.

  • How can you not have Nocturne? That game scared the SHIT out of me! Hard as hell too. It was for PC and came out around ’98. It was easily one of the best horror games of its day.

  • Not bad, however many of those games mentioned are in fact not 18 rated. Fail.

  • I personally think that dead space was the most scariest game form all the games……

  • Resident Evil used to scare the crap outta me. The sub par graphics made it even better. As things would jump out at you, you’d just think “ah shit what the hell was that thing!?!?!”

  • Ripper…. Take 2 Interactive. Even had Christopher Walken in it.

  • Left 4 dead?

  • Yeah, wheres System Shock 2 and Thief games?

  • Condemned was insanely scary. So much so that I stopped playing it about 1/3 of the way through.

    I only read this list to see if it was on there, and I’m not surprised it’s in the top 3.

  • Wow these comments are so full of fail.

  • Fata, too bad your comment has the most fail.
    I assume you are under 20 years old?

    Back to the topic: I agree with System Shock 2. But not Bioshock. It wasn’t nearly as scary as SS2. It had it’s moments but on the overall it’s much more of an FPS.

  • No penumbra on this list?

    How could you miss that.

  • There is a scary bit in brothrs in Arms Hells Highway, You are walking down a burning tunnel when a kids face flashes on screen twice. Scary if you are arround 10 or something

  • I agree, Thief: Deadly Shadows has a very creepy asylum level. the whole game gets me on edge though really, the thing is, it’s not meant to be such a scary game.

  • RE1 freaked me out, mostly because I had to play the import verion with the swap-trick, and playing thta game in only black and white only added to the effect.

    Also, I’m glad to see that Siren: Blood curse is on here, although I think the first one is the most scary one.

    As people said, system shock NEEDS to be on here, also call of cthulhu, nocturne, etc should at least get honorable mentions…

    A few more that no one mentioned so far:
    Phantasmagoria (Old, but a gem)
    Darkseed (Also Dated, but creepy nonetheless)
    Alien vs Predator (I’m talking about the old Atari Jaguar version – Creeeeeepy)
    Cold Fear ( Love it or hate it…)
    Nightmare Creatures

    My 2 cents…

  • i don’t know bout anyone else but when im playing left 4 dead i get freaked out by the witch, just the music gets my heart pumping

  • Every list is great if silent hill is no. 1 on it. Doesen’t matter which one. The people who it. Try to play it. Especially sh1…

  • I definitly agree with most of the titles, but for me playing dead space with surround sound was the scariest game. Doom 3 was also pretty scary but as you get to later areas the scaryness fades. the original Resident evils were also really scary, but RE5 and even 4 were not scary at all. Also siren was not scary…and eternal darkness not so much either…for me DeadSpace is the winner…i mean it was banned in a couple of countries….and hearing moans and pipes falling and simply nothing at all in parts was creepy as hell!

  • i remember a funny time when my brother was playin eternal darkness,and he got to the bathtub bit. it gave me a little scare,dont know about my brother,but after he was done playin he had to go to the toilet and i told him ‘dont look in the bath’. he didnt want to go after.

    resiednt evil was a scary game to me when i watched my dad play it,probably because i was 4 years old at the time. there was one room on the game my dad went in,that had 1 zombie that walked around doin nothin,didnt know if it would attack or not. when it eventually did,it had the shit blown out of it by a shotgun.

    i played silent hill 2,but not properly. i used action replay :) it was all a peice of piss cos i had cone heads knife,but in the hospital the radio was goin off and i couldnt see owt and i was like ‘whut the fuck?’ and a nurse pops out from around the corner.gave her a shootin.
    started playin no.3. wierd as. cant do it tho. im a resi man.


  • When I was younger (about 4 or 5) I would watch my uncle play games like Gabriel Knight and Phantasmagoria. After watching some of the parts, like the voodoo ritual in GK and the head slicing timed item event in Phantasmagoria. These old school games scared the sh!t out of me then. But these days, I played F.E.A.R. 2 and a couple times I would catch myself jumping.

  • why cant u do darkwatch. you should play it, you’ll poo your panties

  • When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.

  • Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

    The insanity system of that game was a very innovative way to scare people

  • silent hill 1 was much scarier than SH2.

  • I’m looking around websites for the scariest game on any console.
    I’ve heard alot about silent hill, mainly silent hill 2, and guess what. Silent hill is on the ONLY console’s I don’t have. :S Ugh .. Stupid thing.

  • #1 is the Suffering. that whole game was a shit your pants moment alone in a dark prison with monsters modeled after each mode of execution as well as a sadistic doctor bantering at you with random flashes of grotesque and horrifying images. turn off your flashlight and listen to the sounds i dare you!

  • What about Casper?

  • i have to say that call of cthulhu was the scariest game ever.

  • You can never add resident evil, I haven’t played some of these games, actually,I’ve only played Dead Space, Resident Evil, and a demo of Siren; Resident Evil shouldn’t be on the list, the soundtrack didn’t provide any intensity, the sound wasn’t scary, and zombies are honestly the least scariest thing that exists (yes, they do exist, it’s called Rabies). Resident Evil Did define survival, but the true grandfather of survival horror was the japanese only classic: Clock Tower, you were being chased by a demon child with a pair of fricking scissors, and his satanist culty mother who makes dahilia look like child’s play, and his deformed hills-have-eyes goliath brother who chases you, and you never knew when he was going to pop out and murder you. That game, needs a remake! PS3 forever!

  • Manhunt 2 was scary as hell, you have to fight the freaking KKK and a bunch of damn rapists, and by that i mean people who enjoy necrophilia and sexual torture!, not only that, but the main character seems like the pussy until the storyline unfolds and (spoiler) he finds out leo doesn’t exist and is a part of him that made him murder his family and kill his best freind, VERY BRUTALLY.

    And resistance deserves at least to be number ten, it was scary, but the design, the angel, the darkness, and just the fact it had a mix of mutant alien zombies that could convert you to one of them. It is what would happen if someone was smart enough to make a horror movie about the third reich (Nazis)

  • Decent list. I think the scariest moment I’ve ever had while playing a video game, and anyone who knows what I’m talking about can back me up, is that scene in Dino Crisis 1 when you’re walking down that dark hallway with all the windows for the first time, and you get just around the corner and that fucking velociraptor jumps through the window onto you. I distinctly remember having nightmares.

  • i have to say THIS LIST SUX!!!!!! IM ELEVEN AND THESE GAMES DONT SCARE ME!!!!! fable 2 had one scary part SPOILER*** you open a demon door an everything looks nice and pretty, you walk in the house and BAM a bunch corpses on the floor, and the house is totally wrecked and it turns to night. scared the crap outa me walkin back

  • GUYS, half-life 2 : episode 1 – the part where you are trapped in a garage without lights, zombies walking around it and you must wait for the elevator – that part is fuckin scarry !

  • my worst shit-in-pants gaming moment was when i was playing bioshock and in dental the room filled with white fog and a splicer appeared on the operation chair i picked up whatever was in the register on the table behind the chair and another white smoke filled the room. i turn around, and the dentist was standing right behind me staring straight ahead and i couldnt help but udder a supressed yelling noise and i couldn’t find my controller in time(it was 3 a.m.) and that god damned dentist killed me…

  • Silent Hill 2= scariest fucking game created

  • @Filip the part in Revanhome was so much more scarier

  • Am I the only person in the world who thinks that the original Clock Tower for PlayStation belongs here? Jesus, that game still gives me the heebie jeebies

  • the suffering has 2 b the freakiest game of all time ,after that condemned and fear , its pretty funny my other half played fear for about 30 secs and then told me 2 turn it off any thing freaky and he is well out of the room .

  • Shit list. No System Shock 2. Fail.

  • Thief Deadly Shadows scares the piss out of ya when it’s not even a slasher game.

  • I aggree with a few ppl here, including “Janne”

    I would have ‘WITHOUT A DOUBT’ Silent hill (1) on the list, possibly at the top. You just dont understand unless you have played that game. Scariest shit EVER!

  • I’ve just come across your site regarding Horror and Slasher Films. There is some good information and we may be interested in including you in our blog. Please feel free to contact. Cheers

  • I was planning on being upset until I saw Silent Hill 2 as number 1. Hands done scariest game. Excellent choice and good list.

  • Creeped Out Guy
    March 17th, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Thief: Deadly Shadows is the only game i have ever screamed outloud at. The Asylum level, where you have to verse fucking wierd zombies, that get back up just when you thought you had killed them! Creep around in the dark doing tasks for a wierd creepy dead girl! Its fucking wierd guys PLAY IT!

  • Someone else played Sanitarium?? I had to quit playing it because of the nightmares. Not kidding. I stopped right at the beginning of disk 3.

  • This ain’t a horrible list, but being an old timer gamer from the days of Coleco, the first game that truly gave me a fright as an adult was Alien Vs. Predator for the Atari Jaguar when playing as the Marine. Nothing more terrifying than hearing that Predator rattle noise in surround sound and realizing you were in a room with a cloaked killing machine.

  • Did anyone spot the one window early in Innsmouth (Call of Cthulhu’s town) where you spot a Deep One dragging a corpse out of the room? That was freaky as hell.
    And I loved Condemned!

  • no silent hill homecoming that game made me do a shit every 5 minutes

  • Mister Sunshine
    June 21st, 2010 at 7:09 pm

    the scariest thing about Doom 3 was the endless grey corridors… also being attacked by a big, fat zombie weilding a chainsaw in a corridor full of blood stained walls and writing in blood… only to be tricked as he disappears, but then appears again, but does another trick, only to attack you and (if you are on Veteran) most likely decapitate you from behind. Scary shit. I once played it for something like 48 hours straight just to finish it, and had nightmares of dark, empty, claustrophobic corridors for so long. Wouldn’t happen anymore.

  • i havent heard of most of these games but doom3 is not scary at all and fear isn’t all that scary either. i’ve never played silent hill 2 but i’ve heard that it kinda sukz i’ve heard so it’s not me sayin it sukz so dont hate. other than that i geuss the list is pretty good, i wouldnt really kno becuz like i said i havent heard of most of these games but the one that looks scary is is “siren blood curse” and “project zero” the pictures look pretty scary =D

  • omg i dont know when this list was written but it needs to be updated ive played jericho quite jumpy at times but man you need to to get ur heart pumping try playing alan wake at 1-3am that game is a guaranteed scare fest

  • Siren, F.E.A.R, Dead Space, you’ve got to be kidding me! These games are about as scary as a petal. Personally I didn’t find Resident Evil frightening either, it was just a nuisance if anything else. However, I’ve yet to play Project Zero/Fatal Frame, the original one I mean, because I’ve only ever played some Crimson Butterfly and that’s sucking so far in terms of being scary, I also find I get bored with it easily, but hey usually originals are better.. In a lot of cases at least. You left out a LOT of the classics in this list too, I can’t believe you left out System Shock 2 of all things. Silent Hill 2 though I do admit is frightening, it was the first real game I ever played that actually made me throw it in the corner for weeks on end before I decided to give it a go again. It truly is a masterpiece though, music, atmosphere, storyline (and once you start digging into everything such as the characters’ backgrounds, why everyone sees Silent Hill in different ways etc. You find you just keep wanting more,. It really is more interesting than I make it out to be just so you knw), it all just falls in so easily. I found that once I got passed the Apartments I really got dug into the game. If you haven’t given Silent Hill 2 a shot already I suggest you do so! Somehow I found Abe’s Oddysee kinda scary for a while, in terms of the environment that is. I love that game though, one of my favourite PS1 games ever. Way ahead of its time as well.

  • Very good list…..Silent Hill 2 being number 1, great choice….probably the scariest game of all time and probably the scariest villain of all time. Screw the haters!

  • Doesn’t anyone remember twisted metal? The game itself wasn’t scary, but the cut-scenes were creepy as shit.. I remember Axle’s videos and Crazy 8′s prologue from TM Black specifically

  • how about Hotel 626?!..Choose Asylum and you’ll be freak as hell!..Hotel didn’t show up the ghost too much..btw Resident Evil not scary at all..i enjoyed the game..i like the game though..the enemy walk way to slow..

  • resident evil is FEAKY dude. When the dog jumps through the window, i just about threw the bloody controller at the tv. RE 4 should be there though. Someone jumps out of a refrigerator on FIRE and is only a few feet away! You must play.

  • Thief: Deadly Shadows. Shalebridge Cradle Asylum.

    Crap your pants moment: All of that place. Ever inch.

  • Obviously not the scariest game in its entirety, but rather one of the scariest moments for me personally in any video game, was the level in Chronicles of Riddick where the “voodoo man” sends you off on an erand to retrieve something in zombi capital. Oh and of course the creepy little bastards run just that teency weency bit faster than you do. They kinda looked like the critter in the first Blade movie that was neither vampire nor human stuck in that dungeon where the girl falls down. Very rewarding though when you blow them limb from limb.

  • Nate ....not many horror games :(
    August 9th, 2010 at 10:23 am

    lol sadly i barely ever played a horror game n ill b 16 nov.27th :p lol i have played RE5 n nuffin scared me at all lol unless u just get 2 ur fisrt incounter with that weird creature (fuckin name slipped my name lolz) but u see the steps n da ooze O.o creepy shit lol …. n i only played a demo of sh4 which scared me ….a lot :| lol i mean cmon bein like 13-14 n seein dat pink bunny in dat girls room made me crap myself AND I DIDNT EVEN BEAT THE DEMO :( which wen i was a kid like 5-9 my dad and my uncle played for 3days str8 re1-3 and all the others out in like 2000 lol lickers made me shit my selfas a kid ….then they rentd a game called parasite eve and i believe it was pt.2 which scared me bcuz oof those fkin zombie camel fkin things (dont know forsure it was pe2 or not ) oh n they rented wat i think was SH2 n the begining it like all fogy an they saw a guy ran so they chased it n saw bloody footprints and god knows where it went :/ i havent played many horror video games but bcuz of the thrill id love to play more so send me like a huge list of games n ill check’em out bcuz i love scary shit even thou i try not to even look at a game demo with stuff like suffering sh4 bioshock half life ….. games i just want to try creep me out(mind u i only played a handful of xbox demos with a horror theme lol) so basically im a wimp til u hand me da controller than im fine …. aas long as my bro is der wit me lol …(i got ps3 recomend sum games n ill try em :D n e wayz im goin to sleep bcuz in pennsylvannia right now its 6:21am so im fucking tired lawl good bye :D

  • You forgot Manhunt.

  • You Forgot About “The Thing” That Was Scary As Hell

  • Penumbra should take the 1# place.
    I mean, seriously , that game does you mentally. The sound, the looks. It creeps you out . It sure creeped me out , and i don`t get scared that easily.
    I mean, come on, F.E.A.R. ? Doom ? Yeah sure , they are scary, from time to time, but they`re mainly FPS . They`re not THE scariest, they`re just scary. Penumbra, on the other hand, is THE scariest , trust me .

  • dude the list was ok not too many scary games, missed out a lot like-
    left 4 dead
    the suffering 1&2 (1 in perticular)
    silent hill 1
    SYSTEM SHOCK 2!!!!!!come on the best scary stuff from the start to the end…….

  • Guys, I don’t want to cause an argument, but having played many of these games, I have to say the scariest one is not on this list. MARIO! Just kidding. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is by FAR the scariest game I have ever played. I swear on anything you choose. Try it. I can’t sleep at night anymore…

  • Clearly System shock 2 is missing, but i still wouldnt rank it 1st.

    And tbh all the cheap-jump based games should not even be taken in consideration.

    The scariest video game passage i’ve ever been through is the Shalebridge cradle of Thief : Deadly Shadows. And it’s not even close. The atmosphere of this level is so ridiculously creepy i can’t think of words to describe it.

  • Just recently I played a little bit of Amnesia the Dark Descent. Now that is a scary game that will be the new number 1. You have no weapons, no reliable light, and you go insane if your in the dark to long. The sound is excellent, the visuals well done, and atmosphere amazing. The darkness is overwhelming, and I found many times dreading to play the game. Its very sparse, but that makes it more scary because you don’t know when something will happen. More psychological than gore, which is more scary because it gets into your head. Redo the list, we have a new winner.

  • Clock Tower used to trip me out when I was young. “OMG HE HAS HUGE SCISSORS!”

  • This may be a lil old, but i always find the original Doom games creep me out!

  • All of the above are real shockers 0_0 (mostly doom 3) My 4 scariest game moments: 1.Tenchu: stealth assassins- Always ran out of the room at the mission failed screen, this happened becuase of the bone chilling music that fits in with the black background, the sword grave and the surrounding dead trees. 2. Resident Evil 1- The ‘YOU DIED’ part made me shit my pants the worsed becuase you would still hear the zombies still eating away as the screen goes black. 3. Diablo 1- The first loading screen that showed a faded out red diablo face that seemed to be as bad as looking at a staring painting. 4. Doom 1- The doomguy face got me the most as a kid.

  • I think the scariest computer game is easily the Shalebridge Cradle/Asylum level in Thief Deadly Shadows. I have never played anything else, or seen any film for that matter, that is anywhere near as genuinely unnerving.

    When a friend of mine played it, he said it took him three different attempts to pluck up enough courage just to open a door into a room which, as it turned out, didn’t actually have anything dangerous in it. That’s the kind of sinister atmosphere the game manages to create.

  • condemned the part when he finds mr tibbits in the locker omg and the maniquens!!!

  • ZORK is actually freaky as fuck especially when u unlock it on call of duty black ops with the eerie background music. If you have a good imagination that game is so eerie. all games are down to opinion though. Even singualirty is scarier than some games on here, but dead spcae can be really intense at times, as was FEAR, i think FEAR deserved a place on this list. Resident evil one is definitely a scary game, and all silent hill games are creepy. Siren blood curse, creepy as shit too

  • I don’t see Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth in the list.
    I would’ve cross Siren: Blood Curse out, since it’s not THAT scary and replace it with CoC: DCotE.

  • Some of those games are pretty scary, but most of them come from the new era of “scary” games where it’s more of a thriller/FPS combo (resident evil/dead space/etc.). If you want a real scary game, a game designed perfectly to creep you the fuck out and get your adrenaline pumping more than any shootout ever could, check out Amnesia: The Dark Descent. That shit fucks with your mind, yo.

  • Dead Space 2 should be up here. my heart nearly popped in fear from watching walkthroughs! I been swearing and silent sreaming constantly. and to quote a bloody message in the kids room, “SAVE ME FROM THE MONSTERSSSsss…”

  • Hello all.

    this is going to be pretty vague, but i could use some help.

    i used to rent this game as a child for the playstation 1. i forget the name, the year (late 90′s?), and most of what happens in it (because i never finished, and my memory is shot now) but it was really eerie and dealt with elements of kidnapping kids.

    all i remember is that you’re starting off in an extremely creepy setting. i think it was a school house of some sort? and you played as a little girl. the first scene, you’re trying to sneak out of the school house, but there is a really frightening teacher who’s saying some messed up shit about locking you up, or maybe you were locked up for misbehaving? i really can’t remember, but it’s driving me insane.

    the only other bits of information i can provide, is that i think the adults are kidnapping kids? or killing them, or something crazy. the music was also quite freaky. i just remember being terrified. i’ve been searching every list possible, but can’t find a clue. any info would be helpful.

    many thanks.

  • Where’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent? That game is incredibly scary!

  • Errrm, Amnesia The Dark Descent hadn’t even been released when this list was initally made back in 2009!!! So, forgetting games that came out after this blog’s date, I’d say it’s a pretty decent top 10. However I would have definitely put Clive Barker’s Undying in there along with Silent Hill 3 instead of 2. Also, what about Blair Witch Vol.1: Rustin Parr?? That was one terrifying experience too.

  • Silent Hill 2 was not scary, folks. Not scary at all. Minus maybe one jump when your out in the fog and one of those spraying monsters suddenly pops out from under a car, the game is interesting and creepy but not scary. SH3 had a ton of moments that made me want to stop and put the controller down. The bloody wheelchair in the basement that kept turning, the haunted mansion (first time though only, cause then you know what to expect) and that damn mirrored room with the bathtub! Man, I was freaked out when you see the crap spewing out of the bathtub in the mirror, then come out in front of you and your reflection in the mirror slowly decomposes, then stops moving. So creepy!

    Haven’t played SH1 (mainly cause it’s not available on PC) but I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    Playing through Call of Cthulhu now- not really scary so much as grotesque and creepy, but I LOVE how you can sneak up on people and listen in on their conversations. Even if it’s not super scary, Call of Cthulhu: Dark corners of the Earth is definetely worth a play-though. And CERTAINLY scary enough to be included on this list.

  • you need to rearrange list and put amnesia dark crescent,only game that i almost dont dare to play at night with surround,most scary game.

  • Zack [an actual game designer]
    May 25th, 2011 at 1:52 am

    Whoever made this list has not a fucking clue about the mechanics of what makes a horror game scary. Silent Hill 2 is the equivalent to kirby 64 The Crystal Shards and Hello Kitty Part Advance when compared to Dead Space, Fatal Frame, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Condemned was possibly the shittiest game I’ve had the displeasure of owning on my 360, and perfect proof of why sega should give up on horror. I agree with Fatal Frame, F.E.A.R., and Siren on this list, but SH2 does not deserve 1st on the list despite the fact that it’s an amazing game.

  • whoever made this is an idiot…ALL of the fatal frame games ARE pretty horrific…i gotta admit…i dont really get scared easily and yet this was a pretty horrific game…



  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent!! Scarier than all of these combined!

  • I found the end 2 bioshock a bit WOW

  • uu forgot the moment in alien were the sensor tells uu an alien is near and then uu hear even more beeps and ur bowels release and don’t end.
    Then ur ripped apart by them

  • what moron made this list?

  • Finally played through the first FEAR and it’s expansions and now I STILL can’t believe Silent Hill 2 is number 1! FEAR (and Perseus Mandate) has Silent Hill 2 AND 3 beat. Awesome, awesome game!

  • I think the video games are backwards. 10 should be number 1, 9 should be number 2 and so on and so on.

  • How the fuck did Dead Space (or any other “true” horror game) get outranked by FEAR?

    And even worse, this is FEAR #1, which is not only an abysmal horror game, but also an abysmal game itself. I never experienced a single “jump-out-of-your-seat” moment the entire time I was playing this shovelware (Alma pops up now and again, BUT SHE NEVER DOES ANYTHING), and all the enemies were soldiers; there wasn’t a single monster among the enemies that I fought. The only thing I found “scary” would be the beyond-ugly graphics and constant framerate issues.

    But other than that, great list, and I’m proud of you for including a SIREN game.

  • Amnesia the Dark Descent = WIN

  • Example- I completely disagree! Sure, there are fewer pop-up scares in the first FEAR than the second, but that doesn’t make it an awful game! The acting was solid, the atmosphere was well developped, there were tons of guts and bloody ends (that Particle weapon being awesome!) and the story was incredible- what DIDN’T you like? The fact that there weren’t grotesque monsters that jarr the element of realism (like in Cthulhu?) That there weren’t a whole bunch of cheap “She’s right behind you!” moments (to which instead they focused on atmospheric creep-outs like, decayed Alma appearing in that hole in the water, or on various television screens, or staring at you from inside dimly-lit rooms?) The fact that there weren’t endless scenes of “I’m gonna eat your brains and make you watch!” kind of stuff? This was a good FPS game, and I’m sorry that you didn’t get to enjoy it as much as you could have. (If you played it on a computer, may I suggest buying a better graphics card and RAM to avoid those pesky “framerate” and “ugly-graphics” issues?)

    Maybe psychological horror just isn’t your thing. Maybe the only horror you can get off on is “needle in your eye” stuff like in the Dead Space series. But if you consider Silent Hill or Call of Cthulhu a horror game (neither of them actually being SCARY!) then Fear CERTAINLY ranks among them.

    Though FEAR 2 would’ve been a better choice for this list…

  • what about that game Amnesia: The Dark Decent?

  • Where is Amnesia: The dark descent?

    It’s a fuckin’ scary game Sory, Athmosphere and Gameplay-wise!

    Scariest moment: When you are in a dark room flooded by water, there is an invisible presence in the water. You must cross the room without atracting it, so u can’t touch the water (you can see its footsteps in the water)

  • Amnesia the Dark Descent should be on here. :)

  • What about amnesia? it’s way scarier then F.E.A.R!! sure alma is scary, but when you’ve had 3 sodas and are hyper as hell and re-name her “alma jerald fitz-herbert the third” it’s not so bad. but amnesia, idk about you, but wondering around a creepy abandon castle with no recolection of anyhthing no way to fight back and kathooloo rape monsters all over makes me shit my pants.
    scary moment: going up the stairs and walking down a hall way as a creepy beast thingey with claws and a messed up face limps at you with break neck speed and you to run for your life screaming “o shit!!! ahhh!!! im so screwd!!!!”

  • did somebody say ZORK was scary and mentioned it in a call of duty thing… Yes zork would be really scary IF it had graphics.

  • Okay i was waiting for Amnesia: The Dark Decent to appear as number one, but i did not see it at all

    It is the scariest if not, one of the top 3 scariest games of all time

  • I love how you can’t post a list of anything online without all the self proclaimed experts telling you what you missed.

  • Has no played Rule Of Rose heck that game gets to you I hate the imps and their damn whispering n the fact that it’s all Thea little girls doing things to you is freaky enough and you have to complet missions but that are based on the story your “reading” like goat sisters was scary I’m on the red bird story and I keep getting killed by imps oh on a side note this all takes place on a blimp which is an orphanage of sum sort where you’re heading for and your a 19 ye old girl o.O

  • I think Silent Hill was the scariest !

  • im glad slender wasint on this list that game isint scary at all

  • Lol, how does this not have Amnesia: The Dark Decent on it…. I lul…

  • @B-rad: why do you think a 4 year old list would not have a 3 year old game on it? I lul…

    June 19th, 2013 at 4:14 am

    So disappointed that ANY of the games from the Thief franchise were not included.

    Youtube “The Shalebridge Cradle”. It’s hands down the scariest level I’ve ever played.

    And because you rely on stealth and not weapons (death is around every corner), you’re stressed enough as it is. Add to that the undead, the music/atmosphere, and the reliance on stereo sound effects to listen to which direction the bad guys are coming from.

  • Scary games are fun to play and there are many people who love to play scary games. The list of scary games is excellent one and scary game fans would surely like it. I think most people surely would not want to play alone above all scary games.

  • Dude fritz was right on it. The suffering was easily the scariest game I have ever played.
    Makes the games on this list pale in comparison.

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