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5 Reasons to Put Down ‘Pitbull’ Palin

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What a winker Sarah Palin is, eh? This gun-toting, moose-hunting, bible-believing, ‘super mum’ has been elevated from the geographical and political wilderness of Alaska to the top table of the Republican hierarchy. Her appointment by John McCain divided republican opinion, some seeing it as evidence of McCain being slightly unhinged to install an inexperienced, unknown entity as his running mate, whilst others saw it as a piece of inspired political maneuvering, which would bring the doubting Christian conservatives and women voters on side.

Sarah Palin certainly made a positive and colourful impact on the political arena, with her acceptance speech being watched by 40 million, resulting in percentage points gained in the polls. Everything looked rosy for the Republicans.

And then the reporters began, bloodhound like, digging around in Palin’s backyard and unearthing a number of embarrassing stories which whipped round the world quicker than Palin could wink. Her unmarried seventeen year old daughter, Bristol, was four months pregnant. The father was an ‘ill-educated red neck’, and rumours surfaced that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child. Information also arose that whilst Governor of Alaska she had allegedly abused her position in an attempt to get her ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten, who was involved in a child custody battle with Palin’s sister, fired.

And I thought the TV series The Hillbillies was long gone!

Family history aside, Palin has also been a rich source of amusement and ridicule for her inability to grasp and respond intelligently to interviewers’ questions, her transparent lack of detailed knowledge on key issues such as Russia, climate change, and Bush’s political beliefs and her many straightforward gaffes! If Palin initially made the Republican’s future look rosy, is she now becoming one helluva thorn in their side? Does the pit-bull need muzzling? Here’s a selection of Palin’s faux pas, blunders and goofs. Sit back and enjoy.

1. Dress to Impress
With the economy shrinking faster than a wiener in ice-cold water McCain has adopted the story of Joe the Plumber, hammering home the message that his party is for the little guy. And then Palin the Proletarian blasts $150,000 on the party credit card on outfits, shoes and make up which would make Imelda Marcos think twice. It has been revealed that Palin’s spending over the past few weeks is nearly four times the average salary of an American plumber ($37,514). And that Palin spent more on clothes in one month than the average American household spends in 80 years!

2. The Freddie and Fannie Faux Pas
It didn’t take long for the new vice presidential candidate to astound citizens with her sophisticated and abundant knowledge of America’s economy and more specifically the ever increasing crisis in the housing market. Speaking in Colorado she said that key lenders Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had ‘gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers’. Both companies, at the time, were privately owned and unsurprisingly Democrats and analysts jumped on this un-truth and said it demonstrated a lack of knowledge about one of the key issues facing the American economy. Clearly she grasps the clothing market better than the financial markets!

3. Geography 101
Is a lack of knowledge about foreign affairs an inherent quality of Republican leaders? Neither Bush (senior or junior) are known for their understanding of, or keen interest in, much outside the Land of Plenty. During a discussion on foreign affairs Palin was asked how Alaska’s proximity to Russia gave her foreign policy insight. ‘They’re our next door neighbours’, she replied, ‘and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska’. Seeing is believing, I guess.

4. There’s a Moose on the Loose!
Following Barack Obama’s statement that he would make military strikes inside Pakistani borders if he thought terrorist cells were holed up there, McCain immediately seized upon this as political ammunition to chide Obama for talking publicly about such matters, and that it was not McCain’s policy to do so. But within a week Palin was saying much the same thing whilst in conversation with a customer in a restaurant: ‘If that’s what we have to do to stop terrorists coming further in, absolutely we should’. McCain was forced to go on air to defend his running mate and to re-iterate what she said was not a definitive policy statement. Don’t judge too harshly though, she can’t see Pakistan from an Alaskan island.

5. Skating on a Thin Membrane
In an interview with CBS, Palin was asked about her stance on rape and abortion. Not answering directly, when asked if she agreed a daughter had the right to have an abortion if made pregnant through being raped by her father, or whether she believed it should be illegal, creationist Palin answered, ‘I am pro life…and I believe such a person should be counseled, despite the terrible circumstances they find themselves in…to look at the possibility of adoption..’ Believing that life begins at conception, Palin showed a more caring side by saying that women who ended up in such circumstances should not face a jail term ‘cos they got an abortion. I wonder if this is political expediency given that, as a creationist, the ‘offender’ will be aptly punished by God in due time?


  • You sir, win some internets.
    (before she is up!)

  • um.. russia is next to alaska, and looking at a map of the world, its possible that you can see russia from an alaskan island..

  • Thanks for the great memories!! I will cherish these moments as I watch her career become extinct. I call her the Im-Palin-Ator.

  • Thank you, UK..and she has so many more blunders, can’t name a newspaper she reads, speaks of “Putin rearing his head” as he flies over Alaska (he would fly over Europe to reach the USA)…but the worst are the incendiary lies she says at her rallies and incites the the crowds into a hateful frenzy

  • i am new to this site and from reading your stands it is very obvious that you all are just as wacky as all the othor politically bizzarre meanstreaked nut jobs,
    Sorry but I am for common sense, And respect for all regardless of their personal opinions,You guys are quite mean and disrespectfull and intolerant to any idea that you personally disagree with and viciously attack and demean othors for having views and beliefs that are different than yours
    You guys are the exact reason the humans of this planet would rather kill each othor than resolve by direct and deliberate dialog and compromise.
    I own an ak 47 and various hand guns but I dont have any intention of harming anyone but I am a bad guy in your eyes cause of some tools I own sheesh what a bunch o nutz

  • Sarah Palin is scary. She doesn’t have a clue to what is going on around the world, including her own country.

    The money spent on clothes for her by her party during such a terrible economic crisis for the rest of us is appalling,

    Imagine her as president if John McCain should die while in office. Now, as I think about it, I’m no longer scared. I’m terrified !!!

  • Gov. Palin is the weakest VP nominee I’ve seen in many years; going back to the 1956 campaign. Not only is she lacking in a thorough understanding of our Federalist system but her far right philosophy is further out than the late George W.

    I was going to vote for McCain hoping that he would select Mike Huckabee or Mit Romney … but when Sarah was drafted, I left the McCain camp. She is woefully inept.

  • To be fair, supposedly Palin had nothing to do with the $150,000 spent on clothes for her. She even ‘went rogue’ at a rally by saying that she was not responsible for the purchase of those clothes and that she will not be taking them home with her. ::shrug:: But the other 4 items on your list are quite legitimate. ;)

  • I am Brit/American living in America.
    I’m not too thrilled about Palin either.
    By the way…wolves are being killed not Moose.
    Go Obama !!!

  • well, I guess its true, the Liberal Media can make anyone sound stupid if they dont agree with their agenda

  • While it IS arguable you might be able to SEE a part of Russia from an island in Alaska, this is NO WAY qualifies as foreign policy experience. It is not “mean” or lacking “common sense” to point this out.
    Sarah “Go pay for your OWN rape kit and/or have your father’s baby” Palin on the other hand is both mean and lacking common sense.

  • OH MY GOD! Do you lefties have nothing else to do but drum up B*&^%%T? The press however is slanted to the left and true reporting down the drain for this election….the only saving grace if Oprama (Obama) wins is I get to say, AGAIN, “told ya so!”

    My Hillary vote goes to McCain/Palin!!!!

    I would rather have another 4 years of George Bush than Obama!

  • Its big sigh….coming from all of us out here,the whole world is watching & waiting on U.S.

  • I love how the guy with the ak 47 is calling the author a politically “bizzarre meanstreaked nut job” for pointing out Palin’s own gaffes/ignorance.

    So why do you need an ak47, if you’re “don’t have any intention of harming anyone.” Do you like your moose meat in Swiss form? Or perhaps your other guns couldn’t stop a bear from attacking you?

    And then to continue: “You guys are the exact reason the humans of this planet would rather kill each othor than resolve by direct and deliberate dialog and compromise” I guess you didn’t read your party’s memo. But that’s what Obama has been saying, and with that Palin/McCain have repeatedly attacked him.

    In my eyes you’re not a bad guy. I just want to point out your gaffes/ignorance.

  • She is a disgrace to women!

  • As our economy is shrinking can we also discuss how much money Barack spent for his greek columns at his convention and the almost $2million dollers he spent for his infomercial. Is that any different???? Is his stage set up for appearance any different a concept than Sarah’s clothes on stage???

  • I was a supporter of McCain also until he selected Palin. It is too obvious that she is not competent enough to handle the bigger job if it became necessary, and it very well might looking at McCains age. For Palin to infer that she understands foreign policy because “she can see Russia” is flat out stupid and we all know that stupid can’t be fixed! I want to ask Mike a question….why do you need that AK 47? Are you planning on being attacked by a herd of Bambis or what? You are a walking advertisement as to why we need some form of gun control in this country.

  • this is in response to this: mike
    October 31st, 2008 at 12:01 pm i am new to this site and from reading your stands it is very obvious that you all are just as wacky as all the othor politically bizzarre meanstreaked nut jobs,
    Sorry but I am for common sense, And respect for all regardless of their personal opinions,You guys are quite mean and disrespectfull and intolerant to any idea that you personally disagree with and viciously attack and demean othors for having views and beliefs that are different than yours
    You guys are the exact reason the humans of this planet would rather kill each othor than resolve by direct and deliberate dialog and compromise.
    I own an ak 47 and various hand guns but I dont have any intention of harming anyone but I am a bad guy in your eyes cause of some tools I own sheesh what a bunch o nutz

    We are all simply saying that this woman has no common knowledge and she is a bad person to have for a Vice-President….you talk about us being hateful what about Mrs. Palin and her coments saying that Obama was paling around with terriostist? she knew when she made that comment that it was going to insight some hate-ful remarks but that didnt stop her.No one said a word when the day of 9-11 Bush flew bin Lidins family and friends out of US. So wouldnt that also make Bush be paling around with terrortists? I am a woman and I have to right to to choose if I want to give my child up for adoptoin or have an abortion. Who is she to come in and try to force into law me having a kid? She talks about how Obama wants more goverment control and she is against it; I find that hard to believe seeing that the goverment has no right over a woman reproductive rights yet she wants to come in and tell us when to keep a baby. Her and McCain talk about they are for the small people yet McCains’s wife spent well over $300.000.00 on one outfit and Mrs. Palin spent $150.000.00 on her clothing. McCain has 7 houses so my question to you is how can they be for the little people spending this kind of money? The kind that the little people will never have.

  • Does McCain yet rue the day he accepted S. Palin as his Veep choice? He appears to go in circles when asked about her!

  • This article should be titled – Part I. She’s made many blunders after these first 5 that need to be highlighted again and again and again!

  • As a woman, I feel that one of the benefits of having a female in high office would be to have a woman’s perspective on difficult issues and sensitivity that can sometimes be lacking when these offices are held by men only. However, I also believe that anyone who can mercilessly kill innocent animals cannot possibly show sensitivity and is completely lacking in compassion. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Mohandas Gandhi). Not to mention hypocritical for someone who claims to be a bible reader. In my opinion Palin is not only lacking in knowledge on some major global issues, her abuse of power, inhumane nature toward animals and family problems make her a terrible role model for woman. Not to mention a major embarrassment from a worldwide view. How are we as a nation to be respected by other countries when even the majority of American people know what a blunder McCain made by choosing her and expecting everyone not to notice that she is completely unqualified for the role of VP?

  • It is very sad that Gov. Sarah Palin knows less about our country than the average American. I agree that she is woefully inept. It is interesting that John McCain waited to see if Barack Obama would select Mrs. Clinton as his running mate before selecting the pitbull. She is a joke to the women of America.

  • David – I think you missed the point here . . . Being able to see Russia from Alaska didn’t answer the question she was being asked, nor does it show her knowledge of forgein affairs.

    Everyone – Palin makes me think Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake.”

  • No one taking a new job ever has the complete picture of what’s required. At least with the “Pit Bull” you have an uncluttered and open mind so-to-speak…no preconceived ideas of what should be done to whom and at what cost. Lets all bear in mind that very little of anything happens as a result of ONE person in the whithouse. Get over it…Vote…and move on…

  • Whaddaya know? The minute my wife saw her, she said, “Give her time and she’ll hang herself.”

    McCain’s bold move has backfired, and he is toast. I predict a blowout of epic proportions.

  • I am ashamed that you live in my country and call yourself an American. Those of you who criticise Sarah obviously don’t know what it takes to rise to the occasion.

    The fact is you are terrified of someone who knows right from wrong, has no fear because she owns a deep faith in God, can look danger right in the eye and call it for what it is. God bless her for being able to use a fire arm. I’ll bet half of those weazels in Washington don’t know how to defend if they had to.

    Sarah may not always have “all of the answers”, she never claimed to. But neither do the folks in Washington. If they did, do you think the country would be in the mess it is in?

    Sarah never claimed to be perfect. I have to hand it to her really. She supports her pregnant daughter, forgives her errors, and helps her find her way again, her sons are in the military so she knows what every mother out there faces praying for their safety and being concerned. She loves sports and the outdoors and what’s wrong with that?

    She has alot more experience dealing with executive decisions than Mr. Opportunity whose getting his millions from God knows where (is it even from folks in this country, or, is it coming from Africa or the mid east….hmmmm)?

    Mr. Ambitious went right from being elected Senator to running for President. No agenda there.

    At least Sarah is honest. It’s the Media that ought to be taken to woodshed and left there.

    For crying out loud, stop whining and use your head.

    We need someone like her. Frankly I feel safer with her in charge if something did happen to Mr. McCain if he were President.

  • Each of these statements apply even more appropriately to your “Messianic” candidate, aka Obama. Foreign policy experience? None.
    Expensive clothing? Even more than Palin.
    Wasteful spending? Look at the $447 bill paid for at the Waldorf Astoria just for lunch..this is his wife’s way of spending cash.
    Please, one of you nutcases, name ONE single accomplishment of Barack Hussein Obama. Just ONE. He has never lead anything or anyone in his life, so how in the world is he ready to be a leader?

  • I truly was sadden to find that when the republicans finally stepped up to nominate female candidate she would be so inept. I think Sarah Palin is probably a wonderful person. She probably is smarter than most of the people I hang out with. But more than anything she is an opportunist. In her effort to ride the pony where ever it would take her she milked the republican party for 150k for clothes and accessories when what they need was a better public relations team, strategist and platform. It will be a wonderful day if Barack Obama when because for once in the interesting land we live in cunning, deceit and trickery in politics will not win.

  • Let me start off saying I am a McCain supporter.
    I am disappointed in the Palin choice but am still planning on voting for McCain. I respect Obama in that he is an excellent motivator, speaker and writer. I just worry that idealism and “call for change” is not enough. I don’t want him running this country-at least not after this election. No, I don’t think he is ready. I don’t rule out that he might be someday. I don’t think we are getting the full story on him. Admittedly, all I have to back that up is a “gut feeling.” And it is that feeling that makes me pray that McCain pulls through. Bottomline for me: We are a country at war with a military presence that needs leader who has experience. Even if Obama were elected and withdrew troops it would not happen in a week and fighting and manuevers would not stop immediately on his say so.

    Back to Sarah Palin: Despite her “Palin-ness”, Sarah Palin is the other half of a team I believe in and pin my hopes on. I am appalled at reports that she is eyeing the 20012 nomination and that the McCain camp is making her a scapegoat. Is this a concession this close to election? It had better not be and the McCain Camp had better tighter up. Because as ardent a supporter as I am, that crap will lose my vote on Tuesday. I would much rather not vote at all than vote for a team that is trying to cover it’s loss ahead of time. NO, Sarah Palin is not a strong potential VP, but it is my hope she can learn from strong leadership that McCain can provide once elected. I hope that she is playing up the jovial, girl-you-might-want- to- have-a-beer-and-wings- with image and will buckle down and get to business once elected-like she did with her position as governor. As for the “ethics” issues, I personally feel better knowing she has THAT experience if any of it is true. Say what you want about cleaning up Washington, the reality is, there is always going to be sly stuff going on because it is POLITICS.

    Let’s all agree to disagree and keep personal attacks out of the posts. The hateful posts about both candidates make the poster look petty, juvenile and uninformed. Please vote on Tuesday-whatever your conscience says. It is because of people like BOTH candidates who gave us the freedom to post uniformed, juvenile and petty things on the internet. It was people who were idealistic dreamers who talked a good talk who drafted the Constitution and it was the people who served in our military to secure that freedom.

  • I find it appalling and quite absurd that McCain would pick someone as inept and out of touch as Palin. All he is attempting to do is pander to the right-wing extremists, and hoping that those who voted for Hillary will come running to his side( boy is he wrong). She is embarassing to watch and listen to, and is the weakest link to a Republican party who is scrambling for their own survival. Sarahcuda in 2012? I don’t think so because after all is said and done the GOP will run away from her as fast as they can.

  • It’s amazing how partisan everyone on here is. Your buddy Mr. Biden says that there is no such thing as clean coal all the while Obama is touting clean coal and hardly a peep is heard about it. He also comes straight out and says there WILL be a major international “event” (whatever that means) within 6 months of Obama taking office and we the people may not agree with there response! So, you want to elect a guy into office that guarantees us that if you do something bad will happen within 6 months. NICE!! 1. I believe it was the Republican party that bought the clothes not Palin and who cares. Your boy spent more than that on an infomercial so he could talk to the people about what a good gut he is. 2. You ever think maybe she already knew the government was going to have to bail out Freddie & Fannie? Of course not! 3. You can see Russia from an island in Alaska! 4. Obama came right out and said “yes we would”. Palin said we should, if that’s what we need to do to stop terrorism. Clear difference if you open your eyes a little. 5. You sound like you think that because she is pro-life that she should believe that any woman getting an abortion should be hung. This whole “story” shows clear partisanship by the author from start to finish. I am getting really sick and tired of people refusing to see the gaffs made by one party and jumping all over the other side! Where are the 5 reasons to put down Biden or Obama? Obama has about as much experience as Palin and he is running for President of The United States! God help us all if Biden’s guarantee comes true!

  • Sarah Palin can best be described as being a mile wide and an inch deep.
    Her speaking style is the same one she used when in the Miss Alaska Pagent. Which she also lost.

  • Cynthia, Cynthia, Cynthia.

    Let the woman hunt- great for her! And let the woman defend us from Russia, but from Alaska, not D.C.

    Caribou Barbie has no business being in the oval office.

    And I AM terrified of her sense of right and wrong. She’s a bald-faced liar and a sellout. I’m also terrified of her “deep” faith in God. She’d be the first one to shove it down my throat and call me a heathen fo rnot being in Church Sunday monrings.

    She’s just the type to use good-old righteousness to start up another war.

    On November 5, her picture will be posted in the Museum of American Near-misses, right next to the Cuban Missle Crisis.

    And finally, this is not whining. That implies complaining. I am being insulting. That’s different.

  • Umm….you would feel safer with her in office? Now, I have never felt safe with a person who can’t finish their sentences, nor can they say one way or another what is right or wrong in their eyes. She doesn’t know what way is up or down in our constituion…if McCain/Palin win the election, that’s it, I’m moving to Mexico! There is nothing safe about a woman that can’t speak her mind without studdering, not making eye-contact, and worst of all that spends so many thousands of dollars on makeup and outfits when our economy is in termoil. I’m scared of her, the whole McCain situation…and of the people who are voting for them. Whoever would want to spend another 4-8 years under a Bush-like organization is insane. As for me, Obama will get my vote…I am not afraid of change…nor am I afraid to call a good man like Obama, Mr. President! Good luck to all you Palin supporters, you have no idea what your in for if some crazy fluke should happen and you find yourself in a world without truth and compromise and you got her as your VP and a dummy like McCain as your President! LOL, i’ll be laughing at you from a beach in Mexico, sipping margaritas with a nice tan!

  • Palin is smarter than many believe. She is not running for office now but she is setting herself up for 2012. Gaffs and all her name will be out there and she strikes me as someone that presses to prove a point.

    Meaning that she has to have the last laugh.

    She is a bit more savvy than most give her credit for. Making it as far as she has in Alaska is an indicator that she can relate to people.

    That said Plain is a smoozer and cannot be trusted which was an issue for McCain from the start. She is an opportunist of the highest order but she strikes a cord with the American public gaffs, goofs and all. What does that say about America?

    Palin is either deceitfully savvy or we as Americans are not all that bright. Either way we loose.

  • -in response to Cynthia
    “I am ashamed that you live in my country and call yourself an American. Those of you who criticise Sarah obviously don’t know what it takes to rise to the occasion.”

    Since when did not liking or agreeing with Sarah Palin become un-american? I’m so tired of the right wing in this country calling any opinion that is different from their own un-american. Not allowing others to respectfully disagree with you and or your candidate of choice *is quite* un-american.

    “The fact is you are terrified of someone who knows right from wrong, has no fear because she owns a deep faith in God, can look danger right in the eye and call it for what it is. God bless her for being able to use a fire arm. I’ll bet half of those weazels in Washington don’t know how to defend if they had to.”

    Because I don’t agree with her political viewpoint and find her unqualified, you’ve concluded that I don’t believe in God, and, furthermore, am fundamentally immoral (don’t know right from wrong)?

    I don’t fear her because she’s religious or morally superior,,,I fear her because she lacks the background, knowledge, and interest even, in doing the job for which she’s a candidate. I disagree with her position on a number of issues as well.

  • I remember when the Republicans surprised us with Sarah Palin…it was following the loss of the Democratic presidential nomination of Hilary Clinton to Barack Obama…what a shocker…the —- had hit the fan (or so we thought) that day.
    In my heart I knew their political move had been done to win the votes of the Hilary Clinton fans from Barack Obama and the Democratic party but now I see their action as a CHEAP TRICK rather than an intelligent political maneuver.

  • Bless you Cynthia Rogers, you need it. It is quite obvious we have been bullied and penalized for ages to make the rich more powerful and wealthier than any of the common “folk” could ever imagine. Regular “folk” really can’t begin to imagine what its like to own 3, 5 or 7 homes, nannys, maids, drivers, insurance, private schools, swimming pools, fountains in the living room etc. etc. Most people don’t know what it’s like to own anything except their clothes and small possessions that don’t come close to anything our government, politicians or wonderful congress take for granted. It’s been one tremendous conspiracy after another, it’s disquesting and it’s time to put an end to corupt politics. May Sara Palin get her “comeupins” like animals she murders/slaughters with no remorse, but ohhhh abortion, EVIL. Grow a brain, get a clue, sad sad sad & idiotic. And guess what, “God does know where”. “Honest”, who are you Cynthia? Mrs. Palin is the absolute oposite of honest. Do some research, do some homework. Your very confused. God Bless Us, we’re going to need it.

  • This country was built on the belief in God, Sarah Palin and John McCain are the only two candidates unafraid to speak His name. Sarah may not have the experience, but she also has not been tainted by the dark politics that happen in this country. The Supreme Court taking God out of schools, taking “In God we trust”off of His own money, media and some in government trying to make you look like an idiot to even have religious belief. I for one will not help put Obama in office when his religious beliefs are sketchy. Obama scares me. What do we know about his true beliefs? Palin a pit bull? Lord I hope so. If this country doesn’t get back to its roots, get back to its guidance from God, may God have mercy on us. With that said, I do not think Palin is a savior, but for me and mine, McCain and Palin is the only choice. Obama, not in a million years!

  • 1. Palin didn’t spend the money – the RNC did. She was probably happy in her JC Penny outfits. McCain has spent close to 300 million dollars on his campaign, Obama about 600 million dollars. THAT IS THE WASTE !! nearly a billion dollars for these two jerks to pester us.
    2. Palin is clueless on this crucial point
    3. You need Geography lessons. It is only about 50 miles accross the Bering strait. On the rare occasion of decent weather you may see across the strait to asia. If you are on Little Diomede Island, Alaska, you can see Big Diomede Island (Ratmanov Island), Siberia only a mile away.
    4. Palin is taking the same stance as McCain (no surprise there). Obama and Biden are also making the same sounds . Lots of noise in both parties.
    5. One thing I don’t understand – People want to let murders live, but kill babies? Pro Life – Pro death penalty, Pro choice, anti death penalty. I beleive the death penalty is wrong, but so are 90% of abortions. Some are justified, but not all.

    I was leaning toward Obama until he chose Joe Biden, one of the Democratic”Good ole Boys”. I looked at McCain, but he is just the same and then he chose Palin. All the Democrats and Republicans want is to keep control of the Government in the hands of their two parties. There are other Parties, other candidates running, but they are effectivley squelched and kept out of the media by the big parties

  • To respond to those of you who once again misunderstand.

    God and country are what this nation was founded on. The settlers made alot of mistakes along the way. But they fought for freedom, our freedom to speak freely and I don’t begrudge you that. Apparently you begrudge me, but putting that aside, I would like to comment on your comments.

    Those of you who recognize yourselves will hopefully take heart:

    First, Sarah was asked about the cost of her wardrobe, which incidently, she doesn’t own.

    Second, once again let me emphasize, she has never, I repeat NEVER claimed to have all of the answers.

    And to those of you who seem to think that she would pass judgement on you for “not being in church on Sunday”, she would leave that up to God to handle not herself, as any sincere Christian would.

    She is a frugal person, not an opportunist. That would be Hillary.

    All of those yo-yos in Washington had to start somewhere, except of course for Obama, who just buys his way to the top.

    Sarah has the right to fire whomever she pleases, Miss “she lied”. And so what if her personal feelings may have reared their ugly heads?

    Those bleeding heart liberalistic special interest groups do it all the time, but that’s ok right?

    Like I said, the Media should be taken to the woodshed. The bias is so evident.

    And guess what, Folks? It’s okay for me to say that and I make no apologies.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, that’s one of our “won” freedoms. I am entitled to mine, and I don’t back down. God bless all of you. Now, I need to go finish my work.

    Happy Halloween all……

  • ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged.’ – Matthew 7:1

  • Why don’t you post Obama’s or Biden’s blunders? Is it that you people resent what Sarah Palin stands for? One commenter stated that “she is a disgrace to women”. In what way? That she is a loving mother and devoted wife? Or that she has succeeded in her career and sticks to her principles and believes in God, family and country? Sure, she is not as eloquent and polished as other career politicians, but give me some common sense and real values anyday over polish and empty promises. She represents the opposite of what is comming out of Washington. Read! Do some honest research! I suppose if Americans buy the rhetoric of “chains”, sorry, I mean “change” they will get it. Change from what? I know, because I study history, political candidates policies, voting records and personal histories. Is everyone blind to what is happening? Do you really believe that it is the responsibility of government to take care of us? Doesn’t the word Socialism scare anyone? What ever happened to personal integrity, self reliance and hard work? I guess it is human nature that once one finds they can vote themselves money from the treasury, they will immediately begin to do so. Hail Obama! It is my God given priviledge and responsibility to help my neighbor, not the government! The government screws it up and wastes the money! I am not Republican nor Democrat; I am not wealthy by Mr. Obama’s standards. I am not in aggreement with every policy of John McCain and I don’t think Sarah Palin is the best choice. But I am in total disagreement with Barak Obama’s socialist philosophy. It goes against the Constitution. Does anyone remember it anymore?

  • Dave Winegrove and Cynthia Rogers:
    I hate to burst your bubble but you, like many modern American Christians, do not know your history. This country was founded not on belief in God, but on the principles of religious freedom.

    Jesus or Christ is not named officially anywhere in the Constitution, Declaration of Independance or in any official government document. Many of our founding fathers were Masons, many others Puritans. George Washington even took his oath on a St James Bible from the New York Masonic Lodge. Unitarianism was (and still is by many) considered a heretical doctrine.

    The reality is that the first people who decided to set up camp in the Colonies did so for one of two reasons:

    1. To make a profit. There were untouched resources, unknown wealths and treasures and opportunities that got every Capitalistic individual or organization drooling over the though of making their purses fatter.

    2. To escape religious persecution. Quakers, Puritans and Jews (amongst others) fled to the Colonies to escape the religious persecution they’d faced in their homelands. When they arrived, their goal wasn’t to convert everyone to their way of thinking, but to be left alone to found their own villages based on their own beliefs and ways of life.

    As a matter of fact, as America set about becoming America, and not just British Colonies, the men in charge wanted to make sure that our nation would never be one of religious intolerance. A lot of people argue that everyone back then was Christian, so there was no need to draw any lines. But those lines were indeed drawn.

    When the Founders wrote the nation’s Constitution, they specified that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” (Article 6, section 3)

    And in a 1796 treaty with Tripoli, here’s what the Founding Fathers had to say: that the United States was “in no sense founded on the Christian religion” (Article 10). When this treaty was written, George Washington was our Commander in Chief. When it was put into effect, John Adams led the nation – but both men agreed on this principle.

    And don’t forget Thomas Jefferson, who was a Unitarian and wrote the Jefferson Bible, which elides all “miracles” in order to permit study of Jesus as an exemplary human being.

    America is neither “God’s country” nor a “Christian nation” – I want a president who recognizes this and who embraces the principles of religious plurality.

    I hope this has enlightened you and others.

    An expat agnostic in Germany (who voted for Obama)

  • Brad Larson “Or that she has succeeded in her career and sticks to her principles and believes in God, family and country?” – well, believing in God shows she’s a little fruit loopy in my eyes.

  • Politics aside- American needs only the truth- un-abridged, unadultered-

    Let the rest of the world watch this video

    Buzz it up

  • She is a rabid attack dog that needs to be put down. If for no other reason, she should be culled to protect our dwindling wolf and bear populations.

  • In response to post by Brad Larson..

    Dear Sir, you proclaim to others “Read! Do your research” regarding claims made by Obama – followed by the comment “I am in total disagreement with Barak Obama’s socialist philosophy. It goes against the Constitution.”

    Wikipedia’s definition of socialism is as follows: “Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.”

    Sir, perhaps you should follow your own advice and do a little “reading, and learn the facts” regarding Palin as there’s an excellent article regarding her “socialist” governing while governor of the state of AK – (article located here):

    Entitled: “Fact Check: Palin’s Alaska spreads its wealth”;_ylt=Aovednoa8dyZE5U8zNbp4TXZn414

    The article notes that: “In Alaska, residents pay no income tax or state sales tax. They receive a yearly dividend check from a $30 billion state investment account built largely from royalties on its oil. Palin raised taxes on big oil last year. With oil prices soaring this year, she was able to increase the checks by $1,200 to help residents hit by higher home fuel and gas costs. Thus every eligible man, woman and child got a record $3,269 this fall.”

    Palin was quoted as stating “And Alaska we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.”

    Sorry, but your “socialist” comments regarding Obama fall short…

  • Sarah Palin is an insult to women and the men that can think for themselves. However, please stop comparing her to a pit bull. Pit bulls are basically great dogs that are abused and trained by people to be mean. They are not the pets for every family but I loved having my pit in the family.

    Sarah Palin is an idiot who does not deserve the press or the time that she is getting from the media and the public. Let her go back to Alaska and her silly redneck friends up north when the election is finally over. There have to be some intelligent people in Alaska who realize that Palin is a joke. Maybe she can keep the new wardrobe for being the Republicians’s idiot Barbie doll who can perform live for paid audiences.

  • When will someone print The Palin’s envolment in Alaska’s secession from the United’s time for that to be told…
    John McCaine certainly didn’t know their background at all
    Why is the media sitting on this kind of information and allowing this love of country they speak to continue .
    It’s so amazing that the Republicans can do no wrong in the eyes of some of our country’s populist
    oop, my bad

  • Obama was the president of the law review at harvard

  • I believe the term “put down” when referenced to dogs of any breed, pitbull or otherwise means to kill them. I think you had better watch your language, you disrespectable ass. If such a term were used in reference to Obama, the Secret Service would be on your sorry ass in a minute.

  • Dear Fava,

    I don’t know what school you went to but obviously you only got part of the story.

    The founding fathers trusted in God to get them here, survive the elements, disease and attack. Don’t you think for one minute that they didn’t. If you read my earlier messages carefully I stated that they made mistakes along the way, and yes, they did come here for their freedom. No one disputes that and they fought to keep it.

    As a Veteran of the Armed forces myself I can appreciate that. There is nothing about Obama that I have said that “falls short”.

    And as for your personal knowledge regarding our nation’s history, President Lincoln was a praying, and God-fearing man, as were many others in leadership. In God We Trust.

    I am not ashamed of the gospel. And I believe not only in Jesus Christ, but in our duty to protect Israel. For decades we have reaped many many blessings in this country. In my own heart, I can’t help but wonder if that is one reason we have, in the past been so blessed, because we chose to protect that nation.

    Little by little though, our country has changed. I don’t know how old you are, but I am 52. I have lived in 4 countries, served in the military, given birth and am a nurse, author and grandmother. My own life experience has allowed me to see perhaps more than anyone has in a lifetime. Some of it I am sorry to have witnessed. One of those things is the deterioration of my government, our morals and our backbone.

    Sarah, I believe has a grip of what I speak.

    Anyone who has been born before the 1960s knows what I mean. Most of the comments I hear on the media and read online appear to come from those who are much younger than myself who have never been exposed to the world in which I grew up and cannot see the change that has taken place. I am not speaking only of the last 8 years, My Friend.

    Everything from allowing prayer in schools to disciplining a child has been challenged and much of it to the absurd extreme. Shirking responsibility for one’s actions and pleading “victimization” was the fashion, particularly in the 80s. The talk shows were filled with it. I knew then we were in trouble.

    As I stated before, you are entitled to your feelings and opinions and ideals. I am not your judge. Neither am I going to ignore what you have said, but chose to disagree. That’s ok though. It is what makes conversations such as these interesting.

    Oh, by the way, God bless you and you too, Brad Larsen!!

    Time to let the cat out and make coffee…ymmmm

  • Delvia,

    Be nice. What side of the bed did you get out on today??

    And for the record, Sarah at least doesn’t seem to dislike Pitt bulls.

  • “tools” you own? An AK47? wtf.

  • Tom, maybe you should find out how much the Republicans spent on their convention?

    Cynthia, Lincoln was not one of our founding fathers.

    Yes, Obama has made some mistakes. You can easily find them on – however, Obama’s mistakes are not nearly as bad as McCain’s.

    Let me ask everyone a question. Are you happy living under the facist regime we presently have in the US?

  • This is not a political partisan piece. It’s a piece on stupidity. Palin may have to take world defining decisions. The election is not just about America. Each citizen in the world will be touched by its outcome. American voters have enormous responsilbilty. She may be intelligent or she may not. She may be a good human or she may not be. But, what you see is what you get. Fortunately my maths teacher knew maths, my drama teacher knew how to scream like she had been stabbed, and my local politician can ruminate on all the issues which impact on me with intelligence and authority…….

  • Maybe this blog should post Obama and Biden for some balance, although I think this will only highlight further how terrific Palin comments have been. Unfortunately in the West she is perceived like a bad soft porn actress (assuming there are good ones!) who muddles her lines and knows very little about the world stage, or anything outside of Alaska. How do you think the rest of the world look at her? It’s not good. McCain’s team probably thought they had pulled a masterstroke with Palin, reaching out to the ‘hockey-moms’ of America, but you have to back this up with substance. She has none and demonstrates her ignorance and nearly every turn. Choosing her is a personal insult to everybody in America who deserves to be represented by the best person for the job. Palin doesn’t even come close. A continuation of the arrogant, dis-illusioned, cowboy politics that have hindered the USA on the world stage and facilitated 9/11 is not the way to progress. The USA has the potential to be a great international leader. Currently it’s hated for the foreign policy it pursues, being seen as a self-imposed policeman (in resource rich countries). If the USA elects Obama/Biden, it sends a message. America is dealing with racism, America starts to admit it’s mistakes. If America elects McCaine/Palin – America sticks two fingers up to the world and one up its own a$$.

  • Perky as the cold wind blows shes be back shes a celebritymonkey with a sweet set of threds its hard in alaska to to keep pet monkeys . but if any body can do it her and that friend of hers “that grey haired dude”Paris hilton

  • Thank God for Palin
    November 11th, 2008 at 6:17 am

    I guess this is the “tolerance” liberals are always talking about. What a simplistic and insulting list.

    Suggesting that Governor Sarah Palin be euthanized is a very effective way of rebutting her beliefs and ideology.

    The petty hypocrisy behind Palin’s wardrobe would be amusing if it were not so desperate. I’d love to see a single article written about the cost of Mrs. Clinton’s pant suits. Or the wardrobe of any other American liberal. Do such articles exist?

    As for Palin’s intelligence, she’s quite sharp. On the other hand, utter stupidity was most often displayed from Democrat v-p nominee Senator Joe Biden (and occasionally from Senator Barack Obama himself). So prone to mindless statements, Biden has been muzzled for several weeks now. Yet, in a manner that defines the word “projection,” it is the conservative who gets smeared for intelligence failures because she failed trivia questions.

    The same people whose understanding of events is led strictly by emotion have the gall to criticize the intelligence of others. And what is the evidence? Hatchet-job interviews conducted with the sole intent of making Palin look bad.

    You are free to dislike Palin, but this list is an embarrassing justification for it.

  • Everyone sees that Palin is an attention seeking opportunistic power hungry goof ball…..except Cynthia.

    Cynthia, in the perfect America that you and Palin conjure up in your minds, would Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheist, agnostics, basically anyone that is non Christian be allowed to flourish or even participate in governmental policy making since none of them were “founding fathers”? Would “your” God be shoved down the throats of all the unwashed? Would laws be determined according to the Bible?

    And why should Palin be God blessed for being able to use a fire arm?

    Yes, I was born before the 60s. What is it that you miss? Perhaps segregated drinking fountians…hmmm.

    Palin and you (as constituency) in power is some scary shit.

  • Meh…..I’d hit it!

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