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12 Weirdest Things Ever Insured

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The word “insurance” doesn’t exactly conjure up images much beyond the typical Life, House and Car insurance such as confused insurance, churchill car insurance or direct line car insurance…But not everything that gets insured is ordinary, and sometimes people will go that one step further to make sure the things that are important to them are kept safe. So, here you’ll find a list of 12 of the craziest things to have ever been insured!

  1. It all started in the 1940s when famous Hollywood actress Betty Grable had her legs insured by 20th Century Fox for $1 million per leg.
  2. TV game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” is insured – again by Lloyds of London – against having to pay major cash prizes.
  3. It’s even possible to take out insurance against being abducted by aliens. Insurance companies are apparently willing to pay out somewhere in the region of $10-$20 million, depending on how often the victim is abducted. Also, a lot of people seem to get abducted in cars, as if aliens were like the green flag of the galaxy, when really something like elephant car insurance or more than insurance would be good enough.
  4. Employers in the UK can be insured against two or more staff leaving work permanently due to winning the national lottery.
  5. Lloyds have also insured a cigar which is twelve and a half feet long, and is the world’s largest. The cigar contains 15,903 full tobacco leaves, and took 315 hours to make. It would also take 339 uninterrupted days and nights to smoke it all.
  6. Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has had the middle finger of his left hand insured for $1.6 million.
  7. Australian cricketer Merv Hughes had his trademark walrus moustache insured for £200,000 (around $400,000, although if you ask me, it looks like pet insurance would have sufficed).
  8. Singer Bruce Springsteen insured his own voice for the tune of $6 million.
  9. Whiskey company Cutty Sark was offering a $1.5 million prize for capturing the mythical Scottish lake inhabitant, the Loch Ness Monster, alive. They then took out home insurance against paying this prize, just in case someone actually did capture it alive.
  10. Insurers Lloyds of London have taken out several bizarre insurance policies for their clients, including insuring against death caused by disintegrating satellite pieces falling from the sky.
  11. 67 year old singer, Tom Jones, has reportedly insured his own chest hair for something in the region of $7 million.
  12. During the 1930s, then 13 year old Harvey Lowe insured his hands for $150,000, which was a large sum of money at the time. Harvey was the Yo-Yo World Champion of that era, having been playing since he was 12. He is still yo-yoing and filling up his current account to this day.


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